About Zoran Sunglasses


Zoran was founded in 2015 by passionate, avid daily cyclists who ride in unpredictable and difficult terrains with environmental conditions that change constantly. They understand no sport puts more demands on sunglasses than cycling. Zoran was conceived to meet these demands using new and exciting optical technology.

We knew this technology existed but was not being applied to the cycling sunglasses market, so we decided to revolutionize and redefine the market. After many hours in the saddle developing and evaluating the product, we believe we have brought something truly revolutionary to cycling.

Designed and developed to perform

Zoran created and introduced the concept of Performance Eyewear to cycling. Our sunglasses were designed and developed to perform. They react automatically to any conditions and prevent these conditions from obstructing your vision any time of day or year. They will never end up in your helmet.

We are committed to redefining the technology, performance, comfort, and style in cycling eyewear, and are proud to manufacture the world’s best cycling sunglasses.

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