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 Zoran Performance Eyewear are eyeglasses engineered and built specifically for cycling. You will put them on at the start of your ride and never have to remove them.  The light-adapting lenses and specialty coatings provide optimum vision and eye protection in all conditions, all rides.   Simply put, they are the best cycling sunglasses on the market.

Each pair is custom manufactured from the highest quality eyewear lens available in our certified optical laboratory.  They are hand assembled, hand inspected, and shipped directly to you.   Available in prescription strengths too.

Ride with the latest light intelligent lenses, available in prescription strength

Darker outdoors, clear indoors with improved reaction and fade black speeds.

Perfect Vision,
Every Ride

Every pair of Zoran Cycling Sunglasses is custom manufactured with high performance cycling frames and the highest quality eyewear lens available, in our certified optical laboratory.  They are hand assembled, hand inspected, and shipped directly to you.  This means you will receive the best cycling sunglasses available on the market. 

Advanced optical technologies to provide perfect vision on the bike. Every pair is made with the highest quality ophthalmic grade lenses — Transitions Signature®️ GEN 8 andTransitions®️ XTRActive

Zoran uses the most advanced lens coating technology available to defeat all weather conditions–rain, sleet, moisture, and sweat

Gentle laminar anti-fog airflow behind the lenses when you ride!

Zoran frames are more than a fashion statement.  Our high performance frames are made from a flexible thermoplastic frame material that is incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight.  The frame can bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably.  They have a non-slip, adjustable nosepiece and extended curved temple arms to ensure a contoured no pressure fit.

We recognized prescription cycling sunglasses are difficult to obtain in cycling glasses.  Therefore the ability to offer prescription strengths for cyclists was a large part of our development strategy. So we brainstormed with our optical manufacturing partner and designed our sunglasses in cooperation with their lab.

Our sunglasses with readers are designed for cycling: 

  • We build our reader into the lowest part of the lens and minimize the height of the reader power to ensure maximum forward and peripheral visibility.

which glasses fit your riding style?

Specialty cyclist sunglasses perfect vision

Perfect Vision, total moisture control, maximum comfort 

Why not give Zoran Sunglasses a try?  Seamless transition from light to dark environments (trails, shadows, tunnels), perfect vision regardless of weather conditions, total moisture control, total comfort AND available in prescription strengths.  Give Zoran Sunglasses a try for a high-definition, one lens for every condition ride.  The Zoran Experience must be ridden to be believed!

Zoran Stands for Performance

Perfect high-definition Vision Every Ride

Specialty cyclist sunglasses

Win Your Race

Zoran’s are the only glasses I wear when I race



Zoran Equals Performance in Cycling Sunglasses

Zoran was founded in 2015 by passionate, avid daily cyclists who ride in unpredictable and difficult terrains with environmental conditions that change constantly. They understand no sport puts more demands on sunglasses than cycling. Zoran was conceived to meet these demands using new and exciting optical technology.

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Experience the difference

Ride faster and safer with Zoran Sunglasses–and never remove them during your ride.   No need to carry different lenses either.  Zoran Sunglasses have the latest light intelligent photochromic lens that is darker outdoors, clear indoors, with improved reaction and face back speeds, all without compromising on protection and quality.

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