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Ride Zorans for the best vision while cycling

The Clearest, Crispest and the Sharpest Vision While Riding

No Matter What


With Transitions GEN S, embrace light in harmony with your life.

  • Fadeback in less than two minutes
  • Up to two times faster to fade back
  • Only 25 seconds to sunglasses dark (cat 3)
  • The fastest dark lens

With Transitions GEN S, express yourself with endless pairing possibilities

  • Widest range on the market: 8 vibrant colors
  • New addition to the portfolio: the Ruby color
  • Better color consistency at all stages
  • Endless pairing possibilities

With Transitions GEN S, experience a better vision quality, faster.

  • 39% faster vision recovery from intense bright lights vs. clear lenses
  • 40% faster vision recovery during fadeback vs. previous generation
  • 39.5% improved contrast sensitivity during fadeback vs. previous generation

Available in 8 vibrant colors


All colors have been optimized to be true to tone at all times, offering vibrant tints regardless of the light or environment.

While being fully clear indoors, and beautifully colored outdoors, Transitions GEN S provides endless possibilities of pairing to complement any look.


You can build your own custom Zoran Cycling Sunglasses

Why Cyclists Prefer Zoran Sunglasses

Optical quality lenses that change as light levels change

Single lens that automatically responds to light levels and lightens or darkens accordingly

Advanced Coating Technology To Conquer any Weather

Minimizes or eliminates fogging and moisture on lenses

Lightweight durable frames designed specifically for cycling

Fits comfortably all Day Adjustable Non-slip Nose Piece No Pressure Points No Interference with Helmets

An Unparalleled Warranty Program


Adjective BRITISH

Made for a particular customer or user

Experience Custom Cycling Eyewear Made by Cyclists for Cyclists

All Eyewear Individually Manufactured to Order

(Prescriptions and Regular Sunglasses)

Ophthalmic Quality Lenses And Components

Precision Optical Measurements  and  Optical Manufacturing Processes

Hand Assembled in our Optical Laboratory in Ohio

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