Caring for your Zoran Performance Sunglasses

Caring for your Zoran Sunglasses

Breaking In Your sunglasses

Breaking in sunglasses? Yes!  The transitions technology becomes more efficient with exposure to sunlight over time. This means the lenses will adapt to changing light conditions more quickly after a break in period of about two weeks.

Lens Care

  • Your new Zoran Sunglasses are not the same as the sunglasses you probably own now. These ophthalmic grade lenses are of much higher quality and much more technologically advanced.
  • We recommend a post ride cleaning with Dawn dishwashing soap combined with water to remove sweat and road grime. Dry your lenses with paper towels.
  • We have included an anti-fogging reactivation cloth with your sunglasses. Wipe your lenses with this cloth periodically to reactivate the anti-fog coating applied at the laboratory.

Adjustable Nose Piece

  • The non-slip nose piece on your new Zoran Sunglasses is fully adjustable and has been pinched closed to remind you to adjust it. Don’t be shy, pull both ends outward to fit your nose.
  • The nose piece material is designed to prevent the glasses from slipping.

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