Frequently Asked Questions

Are they easy to clean?

Yes.  Simply rinse them off after a ride and wash ……Zorans lens coatings were created to make it simple to clean their lenses from any dirty, debris, oils or moisture. 

What makes Zoran different and unique?

Our singular focus is on making the best sunglasses for cycling using technology and advanced materials to deliver the best visual riding experience to every rider in any condition. We also do vision correction if you need a little help with that too.

Can I change out lenses on my Zoran Sunglasses?

Zorans overall design concept is to have a single lens that works in any cycling conditions so there’s no need to change out lenses. If you have a damaged lens then click on our crash repair program for more info.

How long does it take to get a prescription?

Two to Three weeks is the average turnaround time for your custom prescription Zoran Sunglasses.

What if my sunglasses arrive and the prescription is incorrect?

Call us.  Our expert customer service team will work with you to fix any issues your glasses may have when you receive them.

How tough are these sunglasses?

They are rugged, tough and flexible enough to survive even the toughest cyclist.  However, accidents do happen and we have a crash replacement program just in case.

Will the glasses appear dark in the sun?

The Transition lenses in Zorans change with the amount of sunlight, so the brighter the sun the darker the lenses.

Do they offer uva/uva protection?

Yes, all Zoran glasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Do the darker lenses offer more uva/uvb protection?

All Zoran glasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

When should I use these, only during sunlight and the sky is clear?

Zoran sunglasses were designed to be used in any light conditions, from night riding to bright sunlight.

Can I use them other times of the day or they only good for riding?

Zoran sunglasses were designed to overcome all the different obstacles that cyclists face, but they will work for any other outdoor activity.

Can I use them while driving or for other athletic activities?


Do they come with accessories?

Zoran sunglasses come with a case, cleaning cloth and a anti-fog reactivation cloth.

Are they compatible with my Oakleys?

No.   they are so much better than Oakleys!!

How do they compare to Oakleys?

That is like comparing a model T aka Oakley and a Super car aka Zoran.

Are there replacement parts or how do I order another pair?

All Zorans come with a full warranty and a crash repair/ replacement program. If you need anything just let us know and we will get you back riding as soon as possible.

What is the difference between lens color and lens tint?

Our proprietary lens coatings truly set us apart. Lens coatings are very different from tints. Many manufacturers tint their lenses different colors and market the light filtering effects of each lens tint color. Typically tints will either be included in the lens resin when manufactured or the lens will be dipped at some point in the process.

Is the mirror finish a lens tint?

Mirrors are not a lens tint, they are a thin metallic layer on the outside of the lens that reflects glare away from the sunglasses. Riders can choose their preference of mirror colors depending on their preference  style.

What is the difference between polarized and transitions?

Transitions are a type of lens that darken or lighten depending on the amount of available light.   Polarized lenses reduce eye strain and glare. Glare is when sunlight is reflected off a smooth, flat, shiny surface like a car hood or bumper or a calm body of water.

Can I use my existing frames?

No. To get the performance out of a pair of Zoran sunglasses the frame is the starting point towards making the best cycling sunglasses ever.

Who makes your sunglasses?

Zoran does.  We don’t outsource our manufacturing so that we can maintain our level of quality. We make our own glasses in house in our own optical lab. This also allows us to do testing and product development anytime to increase our glasses performance.

I see so much better with the glasses on, are you sure there is no prescription built in?

You will always see better with your Zoran glasses on, whether you have a prescription or no prescription.  But we assure you, if you ordered your glasses without a prescription, there is no prescription in the lens!