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Zoran Sunglasses Are Available in Prescription Strength!

If you want to purchase Zoran Sunglasses in prescription strengths or with readers, we need a copy of your current prescription.  There are 3 easy ways you can provide your prescription to us:

1.Bring your script to your local Zoran dealer at time of purchase so it can be uploaded with your order.

2. Upload or email us a copy of your prescription. Upload your prescription here!

3.Authorize Zoran to contact your eye care professional to obtain they prescription on your behalf. Click here to authorize us to obtain your prescription

To obtain a your prescription it is as simple as contacting you eyecare professional. Your prescription belongs to you.


Help Obtaining your prescription

The Federal Trade Commission has implemented rules to make it simple and easy for every person to obtain their prescription. The law states eye care professionals

  • Can’t make you pay an extra fee
  • May not say you have to buy eyeglasses from them.
  • Can’t tell you to sign a waiver or release

Eyeglass prescriptions usually are good for one to two years their expiration is determined by state law.