Readers Designed for Cycling

Zoran offers sunglasses with readers designed specifically for cycling!

Having trouble reading your cycling computer? Are you tired of bringing an extra pair of glasses on your ride?

Do you need readers to read your cycling computer while riding? Zoran has the answer! We offer sunglasses with a small reader built in that do not interfere with your forward or peripheral vision on the bike.

Our sunglasses with readers are designed for cycling: 

  • We build our reader into the lowest part of the lens and minimize the height of the reader power to ensure maximum forward and peripheral visibility.
  • The full lens does not contain the magnification of the reader.
  • These are not progressive lenses! Our research indicated that progressive lenses do not function as effectively as we would like on the bike. Instead, we offer sunglasses with a small section of the lens surfaced to add magnification.
  • We have also positioned our reader closer to the nasal portion of the lens which is the direction you naturally look to when reading your cycling computer.
  • Our readers are surfaced on the lens without a line (segment line) so unless you look closely you can’t even tell they are there!
  • Our sunglasses are made with optical quality Transition lenses

We can build a pair of Zoran Sunglasses with no prescription, no prescription plus reader, or prescription with readers. So now you can have the best sunglasses in the world and read all those panels on your meter!

Now get out there and have a great ride!

Specialty cyclist sunglasses