Your First Visual Experience With Zoran Cycling Sunglasses

The first thing you notice when you pick up a pair of Zoran’s is how light yet substantial, they feel. Closer observation makes you realize that it is the lens that makes them feels lightly hefty and different from other sunglasses. And the lens is clear! What is up with these things!

The First Visual Experience

When you first try them on you are a little startled by how crisp and sharp you vision is. Then you walk outside into the sunshine. At first you think there is something wrong. These sunglasses cannot be working, because it is not darker outside, like with regular sunglasses. You take them off to look at them and are hit with the full force of the sunlight and start squinting and shielding your eyes.

When you put the Zoran’s back on the squinting stops and your vision is amazing again. Wow they must be working! But my vision is so clear and has not darkened! You decide to look at your reflection, so walk over to a reflective surface and see that the outside of the lens is totally dark! Right then and there you decide you want to test ride these sunglasses!

The First Test Ride

During your first ride, you will notice that your vision is amazing, the Zoran Sunglasses are so light, and they feel comfortable on my face.

Upon completion of your first test ride you realize that you forgot the Zoran’s were on your face! It was like you did not have any sunglasses on at all! Then you think about the ride a little bit and realize the sunglasses did not move on your head. There was not any sliding or bouncing or any temple or ear sensation. They were just comfortable!

Can you wear your sunglasses in the dark?

Do you like those incredibly early morning rides when it is still dark and most of the world is still asleep? When you can roll out and enjoy the fact there is extraordinarily little traffic and your forward vision is confined to your light and the lights of your riding partners. We at Zoran do. That is when we ride. You get to see things that other miss because they are still in bed. You get to enjoy the stillness and quiet around you. Maybe there is a big and bright full moon or the incredible red sky of a soon to be rising sun. In our part of the world we get to enjoy suburban wildlife, coyotes, bobcats, and hawks are all out doing their thing. It is a great time to ride and we get to see it all, because our vision is crystal clear and completely protected with our Zoran sunglasses.