Zoran Cycling Polarized With Prescription


NEW!  Zoran Cycling Polarized Sunglasses are the latest addition to our product line.  These glasses are built with Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ lenses, the only light-sensitive polarized lenses on the market.  They become polarized as they darken outdoors and are made to reduce the glare of sunlight reflecting off of surfaces, such as flat roads or snow.  Our polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they make images appear sharper and clearer, increasing visual clarity and comfort. We can build our Classic Model Sunglasses in almost any prescription strength.  They also come with readers only. 

Choose frame color to get started.

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3 - Prescription
4 - Add Mirror?

1 - Frame Color

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2 - Lens Shape

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3 - Prescription

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4 - Add Mirror?

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  • White Hammer Mirror Finish *

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  • Gold Hammer Mirror Finish *

  • Gold Lightning Mirror Finish *

  • Gold Thunder Mirror Finish *

  • Black Hammer Mirror Finish *

  • Black Lightning Mirror Finish *

  • Black Thunder Mirror Finish *

  • Blue Hammer Mirror Finish *

  • Blue Lightning Mirror Finish *

  • Blue Thunder Mirror Finish *

  • Red Hammer Mirror Finish *

  • Red Lightning Mirror Finish *

  • Red Thunder Mirror Finish *

  • Silver Hammer Mirror Finish *

  • Silver Thunder Mirror Finish *

  • Silver Lightning Mirror Finish *

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What Sets Zoran Apart From Other Competitors?

Experiencing Zoran Cycling Sunglasses for the First Time

When you first try them on you are a little startled by how crisp and sharp you vision is. Then you walk outside into the sunshine. At first you think there is something wrong. These sunglasses cannot be working, because it is not darker outside, like with regular sunglasses. You take them off to look at them and are hit with the full force of the sunlight and start squinting and shielding your eyes.

A Single Lens Cycling Solution-Finally!

Have you hung your sunglasses or on the back of your kit recently? Maybe because of:

  • London Calling Effect *- (Lens fogging)
  • or Scuba Diving Effect – (Moisture Accumulation)?  Maybe
  • Shade and Tunnel Surprise – (or the disappearing pothole effect)

A Brief History of Cycling Sunglasses

Originally eyewear showed up in the peloton, not for protection from the sun but protection from the dirt, grit and bugs that resulted from riding on unpaved roads. In the early twentieth century, post-World War I military surplus flying goggles made from glass and leather seemed to provide the necessary protection.


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How Zoran Lens Coatings Works

Our coatings are converted to a gaseous state and literally infused into the lens utilizing heat and pressure. Each coating has a very specific purpose and are applied in a very specific order to maximize effectiveness. We apply 14 different coatings to each lens.  We call them coating “stacks.”  We apply some coatings to both the front and back of the lens. Other coatings get applied to one side or the other depending upon the purpose of the coating.

We use this advanced lens coating technology to defeat all weather conditions–rain, sleet, heat, humidity, moisture, and sweat.